Nepali Documentary - Surung Dekhi Sharsma

There is a social wind behind every one of us, it takes us through our lives, we never see it, we cannot command it and we don’t even know its purpose.

This is story of Suyog: Young and intelligent with his own set of ideals and beliefs. His perspective towards society and perception of the people around him are very individualistic. And he lives a dream hoping one day it gets fulfilled. But the wind blows against him, he tries to get up every time, only to be forced to the ground again. His hopes fade away and the wind takes him over. What he does after that, how he finds his dream and happiness… is an exception! Apabad is a contemporary story of thousands of youth of middle class families. It is an instance of belligerence of two different schools of thoughts – one being the conventional thought which plays by the rules of social dogmas and another more sophisticated and raw in nature, guided by freewill. Apabad is the story of anguish of an individual and his inevitable braking away towards hysteria; it shows the consequence of choices that people make in utter dismay. It justifies the thought, “when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.”

However, it does tell us that hope is not only the good thing but the best thing. One has to explore the darkness, willing or unwilling, to understand the meaning of light. How a soul tries to preserve his purity in a dystopian world. Apabad is a measure of patience and persistence to achieve one’s goal in life. It is a question that we have asked ourselves in many crossroads of life and how one among us dared to stand for what he believes. Apabad is a story of an outlaw who puts a blindfold to pragmatism and walks in self-professed path of liberation and realization.